Written by Tony Coenobita and provide to us for publication.

Coenobita lila has misidentified as Coenobita purpureus for very long time before. 
Felix Wang was the first person discovered this specimen in Indonesia early at 2006, but he thought that this specimen was same species as Coenobita purpureus (Blueberry) as in Japan. Felix Wang named this specimen as Indonesia Blueberry.

I compared and analyzed many pictures of Felix Wang. Start from 2010, I pointed out that this specimen was not Coenobita purpureus (Blueberry) on some of the forums. 
Although body color of this specimen is purple as  Coenobita purpureus (Blueberry), there are some differents between both of them:

  • Indonesia Blueberry – No series of ridge (////) on upper outer surface of palm of left cheliped
  • Indonesia Blueberry – With dark brown band on the lower surfaces of the eyestalks

I had some discussion with Felix Wang, but he still believe that they are Coenobita purpureus (Blueberry).

At 2016, Coenobita lila finally identified as a new species. This article also credit me ^^ → Thanks due to (Tony Choi) for providing useful information.
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