2023 SWAG Update!

I just got word that the estimated RETAIL VALUE of all the swag in our VIP Swag box EXCEEDS the cost of the VIP ticket! YA’LL our vendors are SO GENEROUS! You can still grab a VIP SWAG box by purchasing a VIP VIRTUAL ticket! You. Do. NOT. Want. To. Miss. OUT!


Week Three Giveaways Draw Tonight!

Week 3 Crab Con Drawings is here! If you don’t have tickets get them quick because tonight we will have ELEVEN WINNERS! The last hermit crab image has been adopted by BioActiveFX revealing 8 food tubes with a butterfly feeding dish, two sets of 6 tubes filled with different colored corn kernels AND 2 sets …


Tony Coenobita on Misidentification of C. lila

Written by Tony Coenobita and provide to us for publication. Coenobita lila has misidentified as Coenobita purpureus for very long time before. Felix Wang was the first person discovered this specimen in Indonesia early at 2006, but he thought that this specimen was same species as Coenobita purpureus (Blueberry) as in Japan. Felix Wang named this specimen as Indonesia Blueberry. I compared and analyzed many pictures of Felix …