Crab Con 2023 Teaser

Crab Con

International Annual Hermit Crab Convention and Adoption Event
Join us at Crab Con 2023 July 7-9th in Blacksburg VA!


Crab Con 2023 Hotel – More Details Coming Soon!


  • What if I miss a presentation?

    If you purchased a Full Access or VIP ticket you will be able to rewatch all of the presentations and sessions for one year after the event.

  • Whats the difference between Full Access and VIP tickets?

    Free stuff!! Loads of free stuff! VIPs get an event canvas tote bag filled with crab swag.

  • What is a session?

    A session is a live video chat with a person or group on a set topic. Think of it as a room you can drop in to. You can even participate via video!

  • How does a virtual conference work?

    Check out this video tutorial:

  • Will there be hermit crabs for sale?

    We do not sell hermit crabs. Captive bred baby hermit crabs are available to adopt by approval only.

  • Where do I find vendor deals?

    Enter the Expo and locate the vendor booths. If they are offering a coupon code or special deal it will be displayed on their booth.

  • How will I know when a presentation has started?

    In the reception area you will see an indicator that there is a live presentation happening.

    There is also a full schedule on the event page.

    From the event page you can add specific talks to your personal calendar as a reminder.

  • Can I shop the Expo while talks are live?

    Yes! The vendor booths will be open once the event begins.
    If the booth owner is currently speaking they will not be available live in their booth. However, you can still shop.

  • Can I use a phone or tablet to attend Crab Con?

    Yes but your experience will be less than idea. If you must use a mobile device please install the HopIn app. The web browser on your phone will not function in an acceptable manner.

  • Is there a hermit crab conference?

    Yes! Crab Con is the first, and currently the only, conference devoted exclusively to land hermit crabs.

  • What is the difference between the Main Stage and Sessions?

    Main Stage presentations are pre-recorded. At the end of each day, the Main Stage presentations for that day will replay as one continuous video overnight. You can jump to whatever presentation you wish.

    A session is a live panel of presenters. There will be no end of day replay of sessions.

    Main Stage presentations will be available to VIP and All Access ticket holders immediately after Crab Con ends. Sessions will be available to VIP and All Access ticket holders approximately two weeks after Crab Con ends.