SCHEDULE as of 03-14/2023 Times are EST

Main Stage Presenations – Pre-recorded


9am – 10am: Starter Pets: The Unlikely History of Hermit Crab Keeping by Larisa Meeks

10am – 11am: Crab Survival 101: Steps to Take Before and During a Natural Disaster by Jeff Songster

11am – 12pm: Among the Natives: Crustacean Plantation Gets Up-Close-and-Personal with C. clypeatus by Angela Sayre (followed by live Q&A)

12pm – 1pm: Making the Case for Hermit Crab Sentience and the Ethics of Captive Breeding by Mary Akers

1pm – 2pm: LUNCH BREAK

2pm – 3pm: Meet the Crabs by Ned Suesat-Williams and curators of Crab Museum (followed by live Q&A)

3pm – 4pm: Holistic Hermies: Natural Foods Shopping for Hermit Crabs by Brandi Jennings

4pm – 5pm: Hermit Crab Morphology by Dr. Christopher Tudge, American University (followed by live Q&A)


9am – 10am: On Breeding C. variabilis by Tiffany Michelle Boer

10am – 11am: Be the Ocean: A Pop Up Magazine Storytelling exclusive showing by Rachael Cusick (followed by live Q&A)

11am – 12pm: Crab Keeping with Kids – Child Friendly Ways to Keep Them Engaged with Their ‘Hands-Off’ Pet by Christine Sandberg

12pm – 1pm: Methods for Successful Plant ID: How to Use apps, online sites, and hard-copy resources by Jeanne Singhass

1pm – 2pm: LUNCH BREAK

2pm – 3pm: Preventing and Exterminating Common Pests in the Crabitat by Evie Spencer

3pm – 4pm: The Dry Setup Method: A Deep Dive into Substrate by Stacy Griffith

4pm – 5pm: Sentient Souvenirs–A Premiere Showing of Pearl Marley’s Hermit Crab Documentary (followed by live Q&A)

SUNDAY, July 9th

9am – 10am: Mating Behavior in Land Hermit Crabs by Tammy Weick

10am – 11am: The Art of the Rescue: The Pros and Cons of Doing Hermit Crab Rescue Work by Rita Clemens (followed by live Q&A)

11am -12pm: Crabitat gigantus: Managing the Special Needs of a Larger Enclosure by Brenda Cosola

12pm – 1pm: Getting to Know You: Learning to Recognize the Signs and Causes of Unusual Hermit Crab Behavior by Jessica Valderrama

1pm-2pm: LUNCH BREAK

2pm – 3pm: Daniel Kaye Kaye Reads from his Milo the Hermit Crab Books

3-4pm Ideas for Integrating Hermit Crabs as a Classroom Pet by Jobeth Chay

4-5pm Conference Wrap Up with the Planners

Live Sessions

Christina Dailey (Crab Crafts for Kids)

Tricia Landers (Caution: That New Hermit Crab May Change Your Life)

Kimberly Wischnewski (Homeschooling with Hermies)

Live Q&A with Pearl Marley after her documentary premiere

Live Q&A with Rita Clemens after her HC Rescue talk

Live Q&A with Dr. Tudge after his morphology talk

Live Q&A with Angela Sayre after her Crustacean Plantation talk

Live Q&A with the curators of The Crab Museum

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