VIP tickets limited. Once they sell out that’s it!

Each VIP ticket holder will get a conference canvas swag bag filled with goodies.

ON TOP of all the discounts and specials vendors are offering DURING Crab Con to attendees we’re holding this raffle only for VIP members.

Once all VIP tickets are sold the raffle can take place; we will send the winners their prizes! There’s AT LEAST 13 prizes!


-BECAUSE OF CRABS: THREE $20 off your order coupons (three available)

-BIOACTIVE FX: Over $200 in food and cholla

-COENOBITA CREATIONS: a box of food and an exclusive sticker

-COENOBITA CURIOSITIES: $75 GOLDEN TICKET inside one lucky swag bag!!

-CRAB STREET JOURNAL: Amazon Echo Dot, Choya Log Journal, Hermit Crab Coloring book and 2019 t shirt

-CRABSCAPECREATIONS: Tide pool biome, hanging moss pit, jute bridge/ladder

-EARTH WATER FIRE STUDIO: An adorable ceramic hermit bowl

-HERMIE HOMEMADES: two 5” stone bridges!

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