Get ready to claw your way onto the Main Stage! We’d LOVE To hear YOU talk about a crabby topic that fascinates you! Now calling for talk and presentation submissions for Crab Con 2024!
Please fill out this interest form and let us know to expect your talk!
Submitting an interest form does not lock you into giving a talk (or that specific talk), nor does it guarantee a speaking role at Crab Con 2024, but it will allow us to start planning and communicate with you leading up to the submission deadline.
If you have a great topic idea but aren’t ready to come out of your shell, drop your idea in the comment section. Someone may be willing to present but out of ideas! Collaborate!
Here is what we need from you right now:
Your topic idea / tentative title
Topic description
Presentation format — will you be reading from a slide, creating a movie, talking directly into the camera, sharing lots of photos, etc.?
Please keep in mind:
Talks must be 20 minutes long
Submitted before March 31st 2024
Talks will be reviewed for content and presentation quality. The talks will be scheduled (Main Stage vs. Sessions) for the best overall conference experience. Main Stage talk slots are limited in nature and will be chosen on quality, not a first-come-first-served basis. Talks may be rejected for any reason, including but not limited to content, content accuracy, content quality, presentation quality, audio and visual quality, or timing. Once submitted, talks become property of Crab Con and may be edited, removed, and used for the conference promotion and profit. Speakers are not paid for their talks and will not receive compensation.

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