2021 Crab Con Conference Presentation Full Playlist

Main Stage Presentations


9am – Meet Me Under the Microscope – Tammy Weick (Replay from 2020) https://youtu.be/Mf3eampEOQI

10am – It’s Alive – Jay De Silva https://youtu.be/JE9MxuTowiU

11am – Coenobitidae in Sinistral (Left Handed) Shells – FJ Ong Pramono (Felix) https://youtu.be/uywyWNvnluU

12pm – Hermit Crab Adoptions – Anna Keel https://youtu.be/_3VQwBZu_js

1pm – What’s For Dinner – Jessy Stoneroad https://youtu.be/QbLBIoEVjqA

2pm – On The Cheap – A Stroll Through the Dollar Store- Rita Clemens https://youtu.be/laSZGdgk9i0

3pm – The Journey of a Captive-bred Hermit Crab – Mary Akers https://youtu.be/c3XD54VktE4

4pm – Climbing Crabbies – Kelsey Feighner https://youtu.be/ZvLPIpdL0TE

5pm – Adoption Stories – Darcy and Brooke Madsen  – https://youtu.be/cYEy074Ldso


9am – Trash Homes – Shawn Miller https://youtu.be/bUIG-T-lPKI

10am – Shell Flippers – Su Han Kim https://youtu.be/pK2s0hIZOAA

11am – Two Claws Up – Sarah Porter https://youtu.be/kAaGs0525js

12pm – Gardening for Hermits – Amber Miner https://youtu.be/nAYRDeSaKZU

1pm – Advocating for Hermit Crabs on Social Media – Christine Sandberg – https://youtu.be/Hrax_1rCkX8

2pm – Land Hermit Crab Conservation in Bermuda: Challenges and Opportunities – Alison Copeland https://youtu.be/oishmLpLL7k

3pm – The Mechanics of Molting – Tammy Weick https://youtu.be/F73j69tCGjk

4pm – Studying Straws – Can’t Smile Without You – Sherri Werdebaugh https://youtu.be/Wwg0mp-VaSw

5pm – The Hermit Crab by Carter Goodrich read by Stacy Griffith https://youtu.be/F4IpIRg4LDg


9am – Fostering Eco Tourism – Chia Hsuan-Hsu https://youtu.be/4LxVOZAtmy8

10am – The Filtered Kriesel – Rizky Chandra https://youtu.be/PbLoUFykbkU

11am – Crustacean Plantation – Angela Sayre https://youtu.be/nqi3ugtmvXA

12pm – Strawberry Rescue – Brenda Cosola https://youtu.be/jjqa2K_wTV0

1pm – Getting Wise with Wyze Cameras in the Crabitat – Marion Traylor https://youtu.be/H6c5rT56ONo

2pm – Our Summer Vacation with Jonathan Livingston Crab – Mike Vukoder https://youtu.be/uWxcn6B6zFg

3pm – Putting It Up For Winter – Jeanne Singhass https://youtu.be/VVCxFmxkox8

4pm- Hermit Crab ID using Carpal Setal Patterns – Moa Lundberg (Replay from 2020) https://youtu.be/ItGcZa5mCjE

5pm – A Visit with Carol Ann Ormes And A Special Tribute To Jonathan Livingston Crab- Tammy Weick https://youtu.be/8c0metGISHU

Live Sessions

Understanding Ecuadorians the Elusive C. compressus with Stacy Boltz- https://youtu.be/J27vWsTiuOM

Tank Setup and Tips for Younger Keepers with Brayden Smith – https://youtu.be/z-VjTRSsAq0

PPDS (PPDR) Method with Andrea Skinner – https://youtu.be/yIPnZPlggWM

Owning Hermit Crabs in the Desert with Andrea Skinner – https://youtu.be/_FqPP1gqJVM

ISOPODS Best Practices for adding and maintaining them with Evie Michalak – https://youtu.be/6KHCw5A_oWE

In The Kitchen with Darcy Madsen & Serina Huffman – https://youtu.be/60q-hmH2mN0

Hermit House Breeding Global Update Mary Akers – https://youtu.be/W6SVH0lW3jg

Hermit Crab Disneyland Crafting a Colorful Crabitat with Andrea Skinner – https://youtu.be/e7n5Y_7-6Fs

Fiddler Crabs The Hermit Crab Cousin with Dr. Judith Weis – https://youtu.be/8aI9RE4Sxf0

Feeding Hermit Crabs From Your Pantry with Sue Brown – https://youtu.be/V8AhITpsXgc

Everything Shells with Evie Michalak – https://youtu.be/MbeRwgXQMT8

Drawing Crabs Live with Aunril Omenn – https://youtu.be/9YbxYlHQx8A

Basic Scientific Methods Anyone Can Try with Chris Tudge –https://youtu.be/j7aStZPm8gc

Where to Find Hermit Crab Supplies in Australia with Sue Brown – https://youtu.be/CDAUuUGYbGE