You must be a Crab Con 2021 ticket holder to qualify for these giveaways.
  • If you have been sitting on the fence, today is the day to make that ticket purchase!
  • We have loads of amazing stuff to give away each week leading up to Crab Con.
  • Some of the giveaways will be exclusive to VIP ticket holders.
  • Once you win a weekly giveaway we will remove your name from future drawings to give more people a chance to win.
  • Right before Crab Con kicks off we will giveaway a GRAND PRIZE pack from multiple vendors- all ticket holders are eligible. Winning one of the other giveaways does not exclude you from this Grand Prize drawing.
  • Jessica Kat Guth will be hosting the giveaways in the Land Hermit Crab Owners Society Facebook Group.
Better turn on your group notifications so you don’t miss out!🙈

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